All You Need to Know in One TotalAV Review

If you are looking for a powerful, all-around robust antivirus solution, TotalAV might be precisely what you need. It might not be as popular as Kaspersky or Bitdefender, but it is, indeed, a highly capable product with an impressive line-up of features. The most significant selling point of TotalAV is its affordable price-tag. Furthermore, it is very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and doesn’t require a powerful PC/mobile gadget to run.

Users in search of a decent (and relatively cheap) antivirus will be pleased by what this product has to offer. Let us go ahead with our TotalAV review and talk in more details about all its key features, including protection, pricing, support, setup/interface, and more. The company did an excellent job with it, and the pros strongly outweigh the cons. But, there are also some downsides, and we’ll talk about it all right now.

  • Full Scan 30 min
  • Detection Rate 89%
  • Devices per LicenseUp to 5
  • Customer Support 24/7

TotalAV Protection

Security-wise, TotalAV review is among the top-10 solutions on the market. It is very well capable of protecting your device from all kinds of malware, spyware, adware, and ransomware. By the way, there’s also a remote firewall that serves as an additional layer of defense. But are its protection mechanisms reliable?

SE Labs, MRG-Effitas, AV-Test, and AV-Comparatives are the biggest names on the market of independent, third-party testers. Sadly, there are no lab test results from any of these companies that could prove or deny TotalAV’s worth. That’s partially because it is a new product, and they just didn’t have enough time to test it properly. Therefore, our team of experts ran its own set of tests to see how TotalAV performs in real life. We are happy to share the results with you.

In malware detection tests, this antivirus managed to detect 89% of the threats. The same result was achieved in blocking phishing sites, which is a well above average result (and on par with Avast, Avira, and AVG). However, in both tests, McAfee and Kaspersky earned perfect 100% scores. As for ransomware, only 76% of the dangerous URLs were blocked (again, a decent result, but not enough to compete with Bitdefender’s 99% rate).

Scanning Options

TotalAV offers users a wide range of scanning options. Along with the classic Auto Scans and Registry Startup Scans, you can also do scheduled scans. This feature allows to hand-pick exactly which files/folders you want to be checked and when.

Besides, there’s a choice between quick and full scans; the quick scan runs through the most vulnerable spots and reveals any possible threats.

However, it’s not quick – not at all. While with most antiviruses, the average quick scan time is 2 minutes, here, you’ll have to wait for up to 15 minutes, which is incredibly slow.

The good news is – the full scan is pretty thorough and completes the sweep in less than 30 minutes (and that is on par with the fastest products). During our test, we put a number of malicious files on the hard drive, and the full scan easily detected them all.

System Load And Performance

For the average user, it is important to know that the antivirus won’t “freeze” his/her device while in the background. In this regard, TotalAV is an excellent pick, as it won’t cause you any inconveniences even during a full scan. Furthermore, it is known to work smoothly on slow machines with outdated operating systems.

This antivirus doesn’t require a top-notch CPU and will do well on an office computer or a below-average laptop. As for RAM, Total AV review takes up approximately 200MB when it’s active, which is quite alright. For example, Bitdefender needs up to 700MB to function.

To put it simply – this is one of the least demanding solutions out there and it will be a perfect choice for people with old devices. This puts it right next to Kaspersky and McAfee (plus, you won’t be distracted by annoying pop-up messages that some antiviruses are known for).

And what about the optimization tools, you might ask? Here, they are called the System Boost Tools, and there are quite a lot to pick from. For example, Safe Site is a tiny application that can be downloaded separately from the antivirus (it’s also 100% free). It does a great job of warning the user of potentially dangerous (“phishing”) sites.

The Optimization Tools are great at reducing startup times, getting rid of minor flaws, lags, and freeing up the CPU from unnecessary tasks. And, by removing junk, you’ll get a lot of additional hard-drive space, not to say faster performance of the OS in total. The Web Browser Cleaner & Manager is an excellent tool for upping the security of your browser and making it work faster.

This is important: you’ll get all of the features mentioned above with the Essential Antivirus package. However, several features are only available with the more expensive subscription plans. Let us talk about the packages, pricing, and the additional features next and see which one(s) will suit you best.

Packages and Pricing

Essential Antivirus

You will get a basic set of protection and oprimization tools for 1 device. All major operating systems are covered.

Pro Antivirus

Protect up to 3 devices simultaneously under 1 subscription. You will also be able to securely store your paswords.

Ultimate Antivirus

With TotalAV's most expensive offer you'll be able to protect up to 5 devices. You'll get priority support as a bonus.

With TotalAV you can choose between 3 paid packcage. A limited free version is also available.

TotalAV Free Antivirus. This 100% free-of-charge tier is suitable as an entry-level product, nothing more. While it is capable of running scans and comes with basic protection elements, it doesn’t offer real-time protection. And, it is quite limited in features. We highly recommend upgrading to the higher tiers if security and privacy are important to you.

TotalAV Essential Antivirus. For $19.95 a year, you’ll get protection for one device (a PC or a mobile gadget, like a Smartphone or an iPad). This won’t be enough for the owners of multiple devices, though. Here are the features that you’ll get with the entry-level package:

  • Complete Malware Protection
  • Optimization Tools (performance boost)
  • Browser Cleaner & Manager
  • Disc Cleaner
  • Safe Site
  • Web Shield
  • Firewall Protection

TotalAV Pro Antivirus. For $39.95 a year, the users will get all of the previous features and more. According to the company officials, this tier is the most popular one in the TotalAV family. While Pro only costs twice as much as Essential, with it, you’ll be able to protect three devices at once. Here are the additional features:

  • Antivirus eBook (a handy digital guide)
  • Safe Password Vault (keeps your password hidden)

TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus. For $59.95 a year, Ultimate protects up to five devices, which should cover the majority of households. It is the most expensive TotalAV package, but, again, it offers a good value for money. At the same time, if you don't have that many devices to protect, and don't need the additional features, then this might not be the best pick for you. The extra features include:

  • Priority Super-Fast Support (you always get prioritized by customer service)
  • Smartphone Optimization/Protection (similar to the PC optimization tools)

You can also get a decent VPN on the company’s official website. It used to come for free with the top tiers, but these days, it is only available as a stand-alone purchase. Another important note: the prices we mentioned are for the new users. Once the initial term is over, you’ll be charged at the regular rate (which is three times higher).

Keep that in mind and don’t forget to cancel renewal unless you’re planning on sticking with TotalAV. This is a widespread practice among antivirus users: to take advantage of the huge discounts and move on to another product after using it for a full year. The initial term prices of TotalAV are competitive, but you can easily find other decent product for the same price-tag.

Customer Service

We just learned that if you’re looking for 24/7 Priority Support, you’ll have to purchase the most expensive plan. Naturally, support is also available with the other tiers, and it’s quite good. One of the best things about TotalAV’s support is the live chat – it is equally fast, reliable, and always comes through with helpful, down-to-earth solutions.

Look for it in the bottom right corner (it’s a blue button with “How Can We Help?” on it). All it takes to access the live chat is one click/tap; it is available in seven languages, including Dutch and Portuguese.

During this TotalAV review, our team ran a series of tests with the live chat and was impressed by how quick the agents are to respond. Or, you can always use the ticket system and send them an email. But do keep in mind that it will take them hours to respond (with the live chat, you’ll get your answer within minutes). Telephone calls are also an option. Note: the users can only ask questions about billing over the phone, nothing else.

Finally, there’s a knowledge base on the website, one that we highly recommend checking out before contacting support. Everything is cleverly laid out, and pretty much every popular topic is covered.

Setup and Interface

The company did a fantastic job with the user interface: it is very easy to navigate, works flawlessly, and looks great. It is clear that the team had only one goal in mind – to make TotalAV as friendly and welcoming as possible. The download-setup procedure is straightforward and hassle-free. Go to the official website, pick a plan you like, and hit download (you’ll have to register first, though, and that’s equally true for the free and commercial versions).

Installation can take up to 10 minutes, which is more than the industry average. And, when you launch it for the first time, the antivirus will automatically update itself for 3-5 minutes. The biggest downside of the user interface is the unnecessary meters that will grab all of your attention. They make a regular user think that the system is under an attack when it’s actually not.

On the bright side, every option/menu is within reach, and you can schedule scans, check for updates, and change the settings within seconds. If you give yourself some time, you’ll soon find that TotalAV is very easy to navigate and doesn’t require you to always keep your eye on it (or check any pop-ups). You might even never feel a need in contacting support, as, again, the antivirus is 100% straightforward and user-oriented.

What Did We Like About TotalAV?

Ease of Use

TotalAV has one of the best user interfaces on the market. It is very friendly and easy to navigate. All the menus are right there in front of you, including the quick/fast scans and customization options.

Customer Support

While Priority Support isn’t available with the first two tiers, you’ll still get the ticketing system, phone calls, and live chat. Support is highly professional and doesn’t take long to respond.


This antivirus will work even on 10-year-old computers. Plus, it doesn’t bother the user with tons of pop-up messages and lets him/her user the device while there’s a full scan in the background.

Do We Recommend TotalAV?

Summing up, TotalAV is a highly competitive product with a long list of pros. As mentioned, ease of use, fantastic customer support, and below-average CPU/RAM strain are its biggest pros. Moreover, there are several scanning options, and the prices for new users are more than reasonable. However, there are also some cons.

While TotalAV managed to earn above-average ratings during our tests, it can’t compete with Kaspersky and Bitdefender when it comes to protection against viruses and other malware. Furthermore, once the subscription plans renew themselves (yes, that will happen automatically unless you cancel), the prices will triple.

Still, we do recommend this antivirus and believe that it will be a decent pick for the modern-day users.