What is the Best Antivirus App For Android?

Best antivirus for android.

You might think that you’re 100% safe on an Android phone/tablet and don’t need any protection, but you’re wrong. True, “traditional” malware like Trojans, viruses, and such, isn’t a threat to the Android OS. However, phishing websites, keyloggers, and other emerging threats mostly target mobile devices.

And, since most of us are used to keeping personal data and corporate logins/passwords on our phones, protection against data and credentials stealers is a must. There’s more: according to statistics, most modern-day users prefer to do Internet banking on their Android gadgets. This, again, is a disaster waiting to happen, unless you’re properly protected.

So, do you need an antivirus for Android? Yes, you most definitely do! But how do you know which software will be able to safeguard your sensitive data from cybercriminals? Our team of experts took its time with the research and hand-picked five leading solutions that will keep the attackers at bay. Here are the best Android antivirus products for 2020:

  • Avast Mobile Security
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security for Android.

An Android antivirus isn’t limited to Smartphone optimization or automatic scans. Avast Mobile Security is a clear example of that. With it, you’ll get call blocking, a brick-strong firewall, and even anti-theft protection. Yes, you can remotely locate and lock your mobile device whenever it’s lost or stolen. Anti-malware, anti-phishing protection, scheduled scans, and battery life extension are also a part of the picture. 

And you’ll get all these features with the 100% free edition. It is ad-supported, though, meaning you’ll have to upgrade to Premium to get rid of them. But that’s it for the cons. The paid edition is quite affordable and includes an app-locking feature. It requires you to enter a PIN code every time you try to launch an app. While it can be a bit irritating, this prevents malware from accessing data on the OS and launching online banking without your direct permission.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security for Android.

The next Android antivirus app on our list is McAfee’s Mobile Security. The company is calling it the ultimate anti-theft protection software. Now, while Avast is also the right choice in this regard, McAfee does have an extra feature. Along with remote GPS phone detection, the free edition includes remote whipping and a Thief Cam. It takes a picture whenever someone’s trying to access your smartphone. That will make it easier for the police to find the thief.

Real-time malware protection and performance boost are even more reasons to consider this antivirus app. And if you upgrade to the paid edition, you’ll get ad-blocking, premium support, and a VPN. McAfee’s paid antivirus is more expensive than Avast Premium, but it also has more features. If you store sensitive information on your Android and want the best possible protection, McAfee could be a good investment for your money.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus for Android devices.

Automatic virus scans, remote lock, and remote siren are all available with ESET free. With it, you’ll be able to browse the web safely and, more importantly, log into your bank and shop online. This antivirus comes packed with a powerful anti-phishing module that blocks phishing websites in a fully automatic mode. This is it for the list of features available with the free edition of the antivirus.

But that’s not it for the pros: the free product isn’t supported by ads like, say, Avast Mobile Security. And, users that upgrade to Premium will get access to proactive anti-theft, scheduled scans, and automatic updates in the background. PIN-code app protection is also included. ESET Android Security Premium can cover up to five devices simultaneously, but you are free to buy a subscription for one single device (that will cost you less). 

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android devices.

Kaspersky has always been a leading antivirus solution for desktop platforms. And today, it also provides one of the most reliable protection apps for Android mobile security. The free edition is a powerful tool and comes with several useful features. It can scan for malware, remotely lock apps, wipe data, and even take pictures of the person that’s trying to take control over your phone.

The Find My Phone feature is accessible through the desktop Kaspersky software, on the company’s website, and even your smartwatch. Sadly, anti-phishing protection isn’t a part of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Free. For that, you’ll have to switch to the paid edition. Once you do that, automatic scans and the Confidentiality features will become available to you. Those allow locking apps with a code and hiding text and logs on the phone.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android devices.

Last, but not least, we have Bitdefender’s Android app. This is one of the most user-friendly antivirus products on the market and will be a good fit for the average Android phone/tablet owner. While most mobile-oriented products usually try to add as many extras as possible, Bitdefender chose a slightly different route. The free edition provides complete protection against all known threats.

We’re talking about malware, ransomware, and, most importantly, spyware. All you’ll have to do to check your device for malicious code is to tap on the “Scan” button and let the software take care of the rest. As always, upgrading to the Premium edition will grant access to additional features like remote location/wipe, Account Privacy (keeps your email account safe), and even a VPN. Web Protection and Anti-Theft are a part of the deal as well.

Bottom Line

This is it for our list of the best antivirus solutions for Android. In 2020, mobile devices, especially the ones running on the Android OS, aren’t safe anymore. Without advanced protection, you’ll be out in the open, vulnerable to outside threats. Thankfully, there are several excellent options available on the market.

Now, we highly recommend taking advantage of the free trials/free editions of each antivirus we discussed today before you commit to either one of them. That will allow you to make the right decision instead of regretting it later. And, once you’re confident that you do, indeed, need the extra features from the premium subscriptions, you can go ahead with the purchase.